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SMITH Surface-Prep Solutions Unveils Depth Control System

SMITH Surface-Prep Solutions, a Graco company, introduced its new Depth Control System (DCS) for select SMITH surface-preparation products.

The DCS is designed to help striping contractors improve efficiencies and reduce user fatigue to finish jobs faster and with greater accuracy. The technology offers both control and application flexibility.

Depth Control Upgrades

Contractors can set the “zero point” to match the cutter assembly and easily view the “active cut depth” on the DCS display while operating the unit. This helps contractors deliver a consistent, accurate cut depth within 0.01 inch (0.25 mm) throughout application.

This is ideal for applications where minimal surface alteration is important, as well as those requiring tape or thermoplastic inlays.

The remote momentary switch allows operators to set the cut depth while keeping both hands on the SMITH scarifier or eraser, which results in safer operation while reducing user fatigue.

On-the-Fly Adjustments

This new technology also makes it easier for contractors to deal with changing terrain during an application. Instead of pausing to make manual adjustments, operators can now quickly adjust the cutter depth on the fly with a simple push of a button.

“The new Depth Control System replaces the guesswork and tedious manual adjustments inherent in scarifying and inlay applications with precise control and increased accuracy,” said Mike Vangstad, global product marketing manager for pavement equipment at Graco.

For more information, contact: SMITH, (800) 653-9311,