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ICP Introduces Environmental Restoration Group

Induron Protective Coatings CEO David Hood recently celebrated 50 years with the company. Induron Protective Coatings is a third-generation family-owned manufacturing company with deep roots in Birmingham providing excellent products and high-quality service to our area, as well as national and international markets. 

The company was founded in Birmingham in 1947 by William E. Hood and Louis A. Prosch Jr under the name The Industrial Paint Manufacturing Company Inc. David Hood began his career with the company in June of 1969 as “Assistant to Mr. Prosch.” Over the years, Hood served as Production Manager, Industrial Sales Manager, General Manager and President before acquiring ownership in 1984. Hood redirected the company to specialize in protective coatings in 1994, establishing Induron Protective Coatings. 

“When I started in 1969, we were a general paint maker. We tried to satisfy virtually every market that used wet paint,” Hood said. “Today, Induron is a highly competitive, technically sophisticated specialty coatings company that knows its markets, customers, products and customers’ needs. We will never stop improving in every area of our business and in offering our markets outstanding value in every sense of the word.”

Induron now employs 40 people across the country and continues to renew its facilities and processes and expand its salesforce and product line to take advantage of new market opportunities. For more information, visit