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Digital Color Sensor Helps Applicators Match Colors

The new digital Color Sensor developed by paints and coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel is designed to help applicators precisely match their clients’ color choices in seconds.

According to the company, the small portable device can accurately scan color on any object. It then links to the Color Sensor app, which provides the exact paint color match. The sensor system is currently being rolled out in more than 12 countries. 

“We have a solid track record of providing leading tools and services for painters and the Color Sensor is the latest proof of our commitment to developing solutions that meet the challenges and performance demands of our customers,” said Nuno Pena, AkzoNobel’s global marketing director for professional and pre-decorative paints. “We have a passion for paint, and we want to make the job of professional painters run as smoothly as possible.”

Early Beta Results

Danny Lucas, executive director and owner of U.K. contractor Lucas Group, says his company has been using the tool across various flagship construction sites since a beta release of the product last June.
“The device has transformed the way in which colors are matched, and there has been a great uptake,” Lucas said. “The system is used by all our painters and is also made available to architects for specification purposes and the end clients for an enhanced operations and maintenance solution.”

According to research, up to 55 percent of clients find that paint color differs from their expectations once it has been applied to a wall. By using the Color Sensor, professional painters can reassure their customers that an accurate color match will be delivered.

Further Expansion

“We want to get the Color Sensor into the hands of as many painters as possible,” Pena said. “It’s easy to carry, requires no calibration, and works seamlessly with the Color Sensor app. With an accuracy level of [above] 90 percent, the tool will give clients more confidence in their painter’s professionalism and should be part of every painter’s toolkit.” 

The system is being marketed under AkzoNobel’s decorative paints brands, including Sikkens, Dulux Trade, Marshall, Coral and Alba. According to the company, the Color Sensor is expected to be launched in more countries later this year.
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