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The Joint Venture Paints of Yaroslav Introduces Paint Featuring Ti-Pure One Coat Technology

The Joint Venture Paints of Yaroslav (YK), a growing architectural coatings company in Russia, recently introduced its Brite® line of professional paints with 

Ti-Pure™ One Coat technology from Chemours. The new paint was formally introduced by YK and Chemours at MosBuild, Russia’s largest building and interiors trade show held recently in Moscow. The Ti-Pure™ One Coat technology improves the Brite® paint’s hiding power by 60 percent in just one application. That means complete, quality coverage with a single coat— no additional coats or touch ups are necessary. Professional painters can use less paint and get on to their next job faster. 

In adding the Ti-Pure™ One Coat technology to their Brite® brand of paints, YK becomes the first paint manufacturer in the world to feature three Chemours licensing brands, which include Teflon™ and Ti-Pure™ Quality. Teflon™ is the world’s leading brand of surface protection technology and is used to create high quality, easy-to-clean paints. The Ti-Pure™ Quality seal provides assurance that the paints have been produced with high quality ingredients and the performance has been independently tested for ease of application, appearance, and performance. 

Celebrating the Brite® with Ti-Pure™ One Coat launch is Nikolay Yakovlev, CEO for YK (right) and Plamen Gospodinov, European Business Director for Chemours.  
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