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SWD Urethane Joins U.S. Army Job Partnership

The U.S. Army’s Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program held a partnership signing agreement in May 2019 in Tempe, Arizona, between the U.S. Army and South West Distributing Urethane (SWD Urethane).

The agreement between Mesa, Arizona-based SWD Urethane and PaYS is part of a program designed to prepare, train, and connect soldiers to future employers.

Program Background

The PaYS program ensures soldiers are guaranteed a job interview with a PaYS partner of their choice after completing their Army Reserve training or first term of active duty service. The program provides employers with a pool of highly skilled, motivated, and professional candidates.

SWD Urethane is a leading manufacturer of custom polyurethane systems and coatings. Established in 1972, SWD is one of the oldest and most experienced polyurethane material suppliers in the construction industry.

Products made by the company range from spray foam insulation and roofing systems to oil and pipeline solutions, as well as custom-molded foam products.

Profitable Partnership

Through the program, the polyurethane systems company can choose from a range of varied job seekers.

“We value our PaYS partners and are proud to be able to supply SWD Urethane with qualified and talented young soldiers, who will undoubtedly be a major asset,” said Lt. Col. Scott Morley, commander of the Phoenix Recruiting Battalion. “We look forward to a long and profitable partnership.”

Morley said the standards for U.S. military service are currently higher than ever, making the job candidates among a select group of individuals.

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