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New App Connects Contractors

Trade Hounds, a Boston startup, has introduced a new app that connects 13-million blue collar construction and trade workers all over the United States providing them an online forum to share their work and life experiences.
The Trade Hounds mobile app – a digital Town Square and a combination Instagram and LinkedIn - lets construction workers, contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. connect with each other to discuss their jobs, new work opportunities, their families and their life/work issues and share on the job photographs.
Users can share their experiences, discuss their projects, showcase their best work, and store, organize and share work photos with fellow trade workers in addition to engaging with brands they use daily.
In just two months, via word-of-mouth and mentions on social media, over 65,000 construction workers nationwide have already downloaded the Trade Hounds app (which is available at Apple and Google Play stores).
The idea for starting-up the app and business originated from entrepreneur David Broomhead, CEO and Founder of Trade Hounds whose family was in the construction industry.
Broomhead grew up in a small, blue-collar town in Australia and at an early age gravitated towards the family construction business. He worked on job sites from the age of 12 and loved working alongside friends and family to build something real and got satisfaction out of a hard day’s work.
While at Babson College getting his MBA, he realized that construction workers worldwide didn’t have a digital home. It was then that he began thinking about launching Trade Hounds, whose mission would be to empower blue collar construction and trade workers by creating a digital community built just for them.
W.T. Rich, Fontaine Brothers, as well as nearly a dozen more contractors and subcontractors are also partnering with Trade Hounds.
In addition to Trade Hounds, Broomhead has initiated a construction pride campaign – Raise Your Tools   – which celebrates America’s hard-working tradespeople. Over 20 major contractors and developers, key commercial and consumer brands, and hundreds of thousands of workers across America have joined the campaign which honors our commercial trades workers and pays tribute for the incredible work they do. Members receive Raise Your Tools stickers they can wear with pride on the hard hats or clothing. 
Trade Hounds is also partnering with SkillsUSA  which ensures students, teachers and industry work together to provide America a skilled workforce. The goal: providing them an online platform that connects them with construction workers about jobs, needed skill sets and general information to help them launch their careers and help fill the national construction labor shortage.
Hyperplane Venture Capital and New England Development, a national real estate development company, are among Trade Hounds initial investors.
For more information, download the app or visit the website: