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Mobile App Forum for Construction, Trade Workers

Trade Hounds introduced a new app that connects U.S. construction and trade workers by providing an online forum to share work and life experiences.

The Trade Hounds mobile app — a digital “Town Square” and a combination of Instagram and LinkedIn — allows construction workers, contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and more connect with each other to discuss their jobs; new work opportunities; families and life/work issues; and share on the job photography.

Using the Mobile App

Users can share their experiences; discuss their projects; showcase their best work; and store, organize, and share work photos with fellow trade workers, in addition to engaging with brands used daily.

The app is available at Apple and Google Play stores. In just two months, via word of mouth and mentions on social media, over 65,000 construction workers nationwide have already downloaded the mobile app.

Origins of the Concept

According to the developer, the idea for the app and business originated from entrepreneur David Broomhead, CEO and founder of Trade Hounds whose family was in the construction industry.

Broomhead grew up in a small, blue-collar town in Australia and at an early age gravitated towards the family construction business, for which he worked on jobsites from the age of 12.

While in college, Broomhead said he realized that global construction workers lacked a digital home. It was then that he began thinking about launching Trade Hounds, whose mission is to empower blue collar construction and trade workers by creating a digital community built just for them.

For more information, contact: Trade Hounds, (617) 306-1330,