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Introducing the New Gardner-scrub Abrasion Tester

The most common applications are testing the scrub resistance of interior wall paints, floor tiles, shower stalls, and furniture surfaces. The abrasion tester can examine the washability of a coated surface for the removal of stains. Detergents and cleaning solutions can be tested and evaluated in a reproducible manner.

The Gardner-scrub abrasion tester offers a versatile design for abrasion and washability testing applications. The instrument arm is designed to hold from 1 - 3 brush holders or ISO pad holders. A large selection of accessories are available to customize your test requirements. An intuitive touch screen operation makes it easy to change test parameters. The Gardner-scrub has a durable chain drive mechanism for long-term reliable operation.  

Reciprocating linear motion with a constant speed over the travel distance for repeatable results
Compact design saves on counter space
Easy to use touch screen display
Instrument arm holds up to 3 brush or pad holders to increase output
User selectable scrub rate from 6 - 60 cycle/minute
Compliant with ASTM, DIN, and ISO methods with appropriate accessories
Up to 4 kg (8.8 lbs) can be applied to the instrument arm
Adjustable stroke length 22.9 - 27.9 cm (9 - 11 in.)
Optional weights for custom applications
Item Nos. WA-B5060, WA-B5061, WA-B5062, etc.

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