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Cementitious Repair Mortar Released for Concrete

Specialized concrete coatings and chemicals manufacturer ChemMasters, Inc. announced the introduction of ChemPatch RS as a versatile, single component cementitious repair mortar for horizontal, vertical, and overhead repairs to concrete substrates. 

According to the company, ChemPatch RS is specially formulated to produce a light color concrete mortar that blends well with surrounding concrete, with accelerated setting and high early strength.

Superior Finishing Characteristics

ChemPatch RS features superior finishing characteristics and can be used to create a smooth, broom, float, or trowel finish.  It may be shaved or molded to match substrate contours, which eliminates the need for formwork. Furthermore, the product contains no added gypsum for enhanced durability and extended resistance to severe weathering conditions.

ChemPatch RS may be used for interior or exterior repairs of precast panels, steps, columns, beams, concrete pipe and silos, or surface blemishes in formed walls such as snap-tie or spreader holes, cracks, and honeycombs.  The multi-functional properties makes ChemPatch RS a versatile replacement for many products, according to the company.

Company Background

ChemMasters, Inc. is a 60-year-old manufacturer of specialty concrete chemicals used to improve, repair, and protect concrete and masonry. The company is a leader in the formulation and manufacturing of low-VOC (volatile organic compond), solvent-based products for use in U.S. states that require them.

The Madison, Ohio-based company also operates a state-of-the-art research and development facility to advance the science of concrete improvement.

For more information, contact: ChemMasters, (800) 486-7866,