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Protective Coatings in the Real World

The economic impact of corrosion represents an annual cost of billions of dollars to the economy. It is important that owners and operators of high-value assets understand the cost implications of ignoring the effects of corrosion. 

There are many advantages of planning for corrosion control and mitigation. Two of the main ones are: that the life of an asset is extended, making it more profitable; and maintenance time and costs are reduced, increasing the asset's utilisation.

Protective coatings are used across a multitude of industries including: construction, infrastructure, maritime, water/wastewater, mining and oil and gas. The longevity of protective coatings varies enormously with modern coatings capable of providing very high levels of corrosion protection, value for money and durability even in the most extreme environments. Think assets of all kinds including but not limited to: pipelines, sewers, ships, and deep sea O&G platforms to name but a few. 

To help address industry challenges, The Coatings & Applicators Technical Group of the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) has produced a technical program that focuses on discussing pragmatic considerations and outlining practical and optimised solutions for the Coatings and Applicators Industries.

The one-day event titled, Trips, Tips and Hits – Protective coatings in the Real World, will be held on 4 April 2019 at the Royal Society of Victoria in Melbourne and will be followed by networking drinks. This event will bring together all stakeholders to discuss various corrosion issues focusing on lessons learnt and exploring both successes and failures across the Coatings and Applications industries. 

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