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New Passive Fire Protection Coating for Steel

Global coatings manufacturer Hempel recently launched the Hempafire Pro 315 as its latest passive fire protection (PFP) coating, developed to maintain the stability of steel structures in the event of a fire.  

Designed specifically with versatile application properties for improved efficiency, this adaptable new product requires exceptionally low loadings and dries quickly, according to the company. This saves asset owners both time and cost during construction and through routine maintenance.

60-90 Minutes of Protection

The Hempafire Pro 315 has been optimized for 60 minutes of cellulosic fire protection and provides some additional protection for up to 90 minutes, according to company officials.

The coating can be used for all steel profile types, ranging from thin hollow tubes to large open columns and beams. This simplifies the specification process and reduces stock and operational costs.

Thanks to the lower film thicknesses needed, this coating can achieve superior mechanical strength faster. In turn, this reduces the risk of damage during handling and transportation.      

“Hempafire Pro 315 is quick and easy to apply offering significant efficiencies to applicators as well — whether in shop or on site,” said Roger Soler, group product manager for Hempel’s cellulosic PFP business. “Due to its lower loadings and thinner film thicknesses, Hempafire Pro 315 significantly reduces drying times improving paint shop efficiency.”

“As a high-build coating, Hempafire Pro 315 can also be applied up to 1,600 microns [63 mils] in one coat, which means almost all steel sections can be covered with just one layer of intumescent coating,” Soler added. “For on-site, new-build application and repair, this gives you spray-and-go efficiency — and quicker project completion times.”

Application Efficiencies

The ease of application and fast turnaround time in production has been proven during several field trials at customer sites, according to the company.

“Due to the lower loadings of Hempafire Pro 315, we can now use less paint, resulting in quicker drying times,” said Artur Marques, CEO of paint applicator Nanosteel S.A. “This is a big advantage to our business as it will improve our delivery times, reduce project delays, and maximize our overall productivity and throughput.”

The product is available in two versions, standard and fast-drying. Both versions dry to a smooth and attractive white finish, Hempel explained.

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