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In Recent Building Code Criteria Update, DOD Includes New Requirements for CPC

The United States Department of Defense modified and updated the general building requirements of the DoD Building Code – known as Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 1–200-01. 

The UFC updates include a variety of new Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPC) Requirements, including specifications for the application of Environmental Severity Classification (ESC) and humidity design factors. The new corrosion prevention requirements are outlined in Chapter 3-6.6, as well as Appendix B. The full document is housed on the Whole Building Design Guide at 

Specifically the new CPC requirements address the importance of using the appropriate CPC-related materials, systems, components, and coatings during the design and construction phases of a DoD facility project. In addition, instructions for pinpointing the ESC factor at the location of a new construction project are provided, to help engineers and architects determine how best to design and construct the project for maximum longevity. The UFC update also addresses the selection of materials and the design requirements for corrosion-prone locations, based on the ESC and other environmental factors that can influence a design. 

Within the CPC chapter, design considerations for certain systems and components are elucidated for piping and system corrosion, structural members, hardware and fasteners, and dissimilar metals in close contact. Other requirements are explored for protective coatings, buried or submerged structures or systems, and waterfront and coastal structures and systems. 

Following the UFC modification, 31 Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGSs) were updated with CPC requirements for the various ESC zones and published at Included in the revised specification list are CPC requirements for concrete, carpentry, roofs, flashing and sheet metal, doors and frames, windows, gypsum boards, plaster, paints and coatings, and other construction categories. UFGSs are specification-type documents that translate design criteria into construction requirements. Users can access the UFGS revisions at 

The updated UFC criteria document was authorized by the offices of the Chief of Engineering and Construction, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; the Chief Engineer, Naval Facilities Engineering Command; the Deputy Director of Civil Engineers; Deputy Chief of Staff/Logistics, Engineering, and Force Protection; and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Facilities Investment and Management. In general, UFC documents provide planning, design, construction, sustainment, restoration, and modernization criteria, and apply to the military departments, the defense agencies, and the DoD field activities in accordance with DoD Directive 4270.5 (Military Construction) and the USD(AT&L) Memorandum on UFC criteria, dated May 29, 2002. 

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, and the Air Force Civil Engineer Center are responsible for administration of the UFC system. Points of contact and procedures for the development and maintenance of UFC documents are prescribed in the latest edition of MIL-STD-3007. 

UFC documents are distributed only via electronic media and are effective upon issuance. 

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