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Elmico to Shift Production to Flowcrete’s Scandinavian Manufacturing Hub

In July 2017, Elmico was pleased to announce that it had been acquired by Flowcrete Group Ltd - a world-leading manufacturer of seamless polymer floor and wall coating systems for industrial manufacturing facilities and large-scale commercial venues. 

The acquisition represented an exciting opportunity for Elmico to introduce its polyurea waterproofing systems and polymer products into new markets and territories with the backing of Flowcrete - a subsidiary of RPM International Inc. 

Today, in a bid to streamline Flowcrete’s business portfolio and infrastructure in Scandinavia, the company is announcing that production of Elmico systems will be moved from Galterud in Norway to Flowcrete’s 3,500 square metre manufacturing facility in Perstorp, Sweden. 

This move will ensure that Elmico can continue to remain competitive in Scandinavia as well as better serve customers in new markets through Flowcrete’s worldwide platform. 

Local inventory will continue to be held in Flowcrete’s distribution centre located just outside of Oslo, in Ski, Norway ensuring no disruption to customers with regard to lead or delivery times. 

Elmico’s General Manager, Elisabet Michelson, said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with both Flowcrete Sweden and Flowcrete Norway in order to streamline our operations by bringing our production functions together at Perstorp. 

“By creating a manufacturing hub in Sweden, we anticipate this will provide us with a strong platform to respond to customer needs and grow the Elmico brand globally”. Since being founded in 2003, Elmico has grown into a multi-million US dollar company specialising in innovative thermosetting plastic products for a variety of challenging settings, including: roofing, industrial flooring, parking garages, ship decks, bridges, quays, dams, tank installations and pipes. 

Among its most popular products is the Micorea range of high performance, spray-applied polyurea waterproofing systems. 

Elisabet will continue to promote and sell the Elmico line of products on a global stage as well as provide technical support to Flowcrete colleagues promoting these products for the first time. 

Siri Lunde takes up a new position as General Manager for Flowcrete’s operations in Norway, promoting and selling both Flowcrete and Elmico lines.

Flowcrete Sweden was founded in 1968 and is based in Perstorp Industripark. The decision to integrate Elmico production into the company’s plant comes at a time of increased year on year sales across Scandinavia. 

Perstorp Industripark is a 100,000 square metre industrial area in the middle of the Skåne County Forest. The park, which was founded in 1881 is home to a number of Swedish, US, English and Swiss manufacturing brands specialising in specialty chemicals, electronics, floor coatings and hard plastic products. 

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