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Valentus Specialty Chemicals and US Coatings Announce New Industrial Maintenance Coating

Valentus Specialty Chemicals along with US Coatings is pleased to announce a high-solids, fast drying polyurethane industrial maintenance coating that provides better asset protection thanks to breakthrough resin advancements.

Key qualities of the new VSC 1200 system include: 
Enhanced film build, easier application and improved adhesion.
Enhanced weathering, gloss and color retention over standard acrylic-polyurethanes.
Applicator-friendly with longer pot life, shorter dry time and faster through cure compared to traditional acrylic coating systems.
Low-VOC, high-solids formula requires no thinning solvents.

The VSC 1200 system offers enhanced asset protection at a reduced cost due to its longer pot life and shorter dry time. Applicators can apply the system faster and leave the job sooner, minimizing shutdowns and down time and keeping project costs to a minimum.

This step-change in industrial maintenance coating systems was developed with Eastman Chemical Company’s Tetrashield™ protective resin. Valentus is the first coatings company to utilize this unique resin technology in an industrial maintenance coating.

Competitive comparisons and performance tests resulted in these key data points:
VSC 1200 boasts extended working time compared to industry-leading acrylic polyurethane systems.
Its weathering performance in both QUV-A and Xenon Arc is superior to any leading acrylic urethane competitor.
VSC 1200 exhibits “Excellent” chemical resistance ratings against acids, bases, organic solvents and hydraulic fluids when compared to leading competitive brands.

The VSC 1200 system is recommended for application after proper surface preparation of interior or exterior structural steel, steel piping, storage tanks, bridges and other industrial assets. 

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