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Find Out How These General Contractors Skyrocketed Up the ENR Top 400 List

The recently released Engineering News-Record (ENR) general contractor rankings for 2018 reveal that Touchplan is used by ten percent of the 400 general contractors listed. Within the top 100, Touchplan is in use by eighteen percent. Of the companies using Touchplan, sixty-five percent saw their ranking improve year over year, and among users with three or more active projects, that number rose to seventy-nine percent. Companies with ten or more projects using Touchplan got the biggest boost, moving up by an average of twelve percent.

The annual ENR rankings are a leading indicator of a company’s standing in the construction industry and the health of the top 400 general contractors. The strong growth of many of the businesses that rely on Touchplan demonstrates the consistent value that Touchplan brings to its nearly 10,000 users on over 400 projects worldwide. By enabling contractors to implement a digital version of the Last Planner® System more quickly and easily than through the traditional, analog process, Touchplan facilitates greater efficiency and accountability for its clients.  

“We’re excited to see so many of our partners with improved rankings in this year’s ENR report. It takes a huge amount of work for companies to achieve this kind of growth, and we’re extremely pleased to be part of the success formula for so many general contractors,” said Touchplan President Michael Carr.

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