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New Polyaspartic Coating for Metal Application

Protective coatings manufacturer Carboline announced the release of Carboquick 200, a high-build, one-coat, quick-drying polyaspartic coating that can be applied directly to metal.

The coating is typically dry to handle within two hours. It is easy to apply and ready to spray without thinning, and it produces a smooth and durable finish, according to the manufacturer.

Color, Gloss Retention in UV Exposure

“Carboquick 200 also provides very good color and gloss retention in UV [ultraviolet] exposure,” said Jeff Anderson, vice president of research, development, and innovation at Carboline.

The coating, which meets leading industry standards for corrosion protection and weatherability, is typically applied at 6 to 10 mils (152.4‒254.0 microns) of dry film thickness (DFT).

No Primer, Intermediate Coats Required

“Carboquick 200 eliminates the need for a primer and/or intermediate coats, which speeds up the painting process and saves significant time and money without sacrificing performance,” said Doug Moore, director of Carboline’s global product line. “You can expect to see more products soon with these same fast cure times and weatherable finishes in our new Carboquick family.”

Founded in 1947 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, Carboline produces performance coatings, linings, and fireproofing products in more than 20 manufacturing facilities around the world.

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