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New Thermal Insulation Coating for Commercial Buildings

Insulating coatings manufacturer Mascoat announced the release of the WeatherBloc-HRC Coating, which is a new thermal insulation coating for commercial buildings and metal roofs. 

Unlike standard reflective rooftop paints, this coating combines thermal insulation with reflective paint to provide dependable thermal protection, even on dirty surfaces or cloudy days. 

Reflective Coating with Thermal Protection

Weatherbloc-HRC is an updated version of Mascoat’s WeatherBloc-IC product, which was initially designed to be a reflective rooftop coating with some insulating abilities. The new product combines the reflective properties of this white coating with thermal protection to reduce overall heat transfer in commercial buildings, thereby reducing energy needs and costs. 

When placed on buildings in urban settings, it can be used to prevent urban heat island effect, which is a phenomenon in which urban areas experience warmer temperatures than surrounding rural areas.  In addition to reducing energy costs for commercial buildings, the water-based formula is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic, according to the manufacturer.

New Product More Price Competitive

The biggest update to the Weatherbloc-HRC product is its reduced cost, making its pricing competitive with coatings that only reflect sunlight. 

“Weatherbloc-IC was too expensive for this marketplace,” said Will Conner, director of marketing at Mascoat. “But we have worked to identify materials that lower the cost without sacrificing the insulating abilities of WeatherBloc to give customers a coating that will not only protect their substrate for years, but also reduce energy costs at a cost similar to standard reflective coatings on the market today.”  

Because Weatherbloc-HRC is a spray-on coating, it can be applied quickly and efficiently. When used on exterior surfaces, it also resists weathering, reduces condensation, and lasts for years without reapplication.

For more information, contact: Mascoat, (713) 465-0304,