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Jobsite Monitor for Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity

Moisture measurement provider Wagner Meters recently announced a new monitoring device designed to allow users to discretely track and document ambient temperature and relative humidity conditions, even when they are away from the jobsite.

Called the Smart Logger, the monitor is a temperature and relative humidity data logger utilizing the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The 2-inch (5.1 cm) square monitoring device sends data to the company’s free Smart Logger app, where desired parameters can be set.

For Residential and Commercial Installations

“The Smart Logger is the solution for residential and commercial installation professionals who depend on accurate and consistent ambient temperature and relative humidity readings as they engage projects that require exacting conditions,” said Jason Spangler, sales manager for Wagner’s flooring division. “It enables them to determine whether jobsite conditions are right for a successful installation.”

The device enables users to transmit and record ambient relative humidity and temperature data, and send data reports via email directly from the jobsite. The lightweight device can be installed on a wall or other out-of-the-way location, and it can collect and store up to 12,000 readings up to 300 days.

“The beauty of the Smart Logger is that it gives installers and other professionals accurate information about true ambient conditions while away from the jobsite,” Spangler added. “For instance, a building may be at the correct ambient temperature while various trades are working on the building. But sometimes those conditions change during the weekend or holidays when no one is there to monitor them.”

Added Usage on Wood Flooring Projects

The Smart Logger can also be utilized during the wood flooring acclimation process and the storage of wood flooring. In some cases, contractors may choose to leave the device behind after the job is completed to record ambient conditions in the event of a flooring issue in the future.

“For example, consistent documented readings of ambient conditions will tell an installer if the jobsite conditions have met ASTM F2170 parameters and are appropriate for the wood flooring installation,” Spangler said. “The installer will also have time-stamped documentation that will show if jobsite conditions have deviated from serviceable at any time during the monitoring process. Using the app, ambient condition reports can be emailed to customers or other stakeholders with a few simple keystrokes.”

Anyone using a smart device with Bluetooth 4.0 or above can download and install the Smart Logger app for free from both Apple and Android app stores. Meanwhile, the Smart Logger device itself can be purchased online at the company’s website.

For more information, contact: Wagner Meters, (844) 521-1213,