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Universal Bump Cap Insert Turns Any Hat Into PPE

Ergodyne is expanding its Skullerz line of worker-generated impact head injury prevention with the introduction of its 8945 Universal Bump Cap Insert.

Designed to add lightweight, breathable head protection to any baseball cap, the new 8945 features a patent-pending two-way flex design to adapt to both different head sizes and cap styles. An innovative “trim-to-fit” feature allows the hat to fit securely onto popular, more structured caps, which tend to be taller, or to be trimmed to fit into more low-profile unstructured caps typical of many uniform styles.

“Workers want to look good on the job,” said Tom Votel, president and CEO of Ergodyne. “It drives compliance.”

Impact Protection

Strategically placed ventilation allows for maximum airflow and breathability, while a foam pad insert helps protect from impact.

“While hard hats are not necessary for many applications, that doesn’t mean head injury risks don’t exist,” said product director Andy Olson. “Workers who may find themselves in tight quarters such as mechanics, airline workers and in-home service employees of all types are often in baseball caps with no protection from bumps, scrapes, and bruises.”

“With the new 8945, employers can provide a simple, cost-effective solution to these common hazards without changing the standard headwear workers are used to — either uniform or bring from home,” Olson added.

Trim-to-Fit Feature

Constructed of lightweight polypropylene that will not break or crack, the height can be trimmed to fit based on cap style using only a simple scissors.

The flexible design is easy to install and tucks behind the cap sweatband. The closed cell foam inside will not absorb odors, and the shell can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

“Whether that’s the uniform carefully selected by their company or their team colors worn proudly, leave it to Ergodyne to seamlessly integrate PPE into the equation,” Votel said.

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