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TAMKO Unveils Waterproofing System

TAMKO Building Products, Inc. now makes it more convenient than ever to protect balconies and breezeways against water penetration underneath concrete installations. TAMKO is offering a full line of balcony/breezeway products that when used in combination can help prevent water intrusion in elevated areas.

“We have all the products - the primer, waterproofing membranes, and mastic - that contractors need for balcony and breezeway applications,” said TAMKO’s Corporate Director of Waterproofing, Erik Flick. “TAMKO’s waterproofing system can also save contractors time by eliminating the need for corner metal flashings.”

TAMKO’s line of balcony/breezeway products are designed for use in combination and include TWP-1 Quick Dry Primer or TWP-2 Water-based Primer (for prepping OSB prior to installing waterproofing membranes); TW-60 Sheet Waterproofing Membrane (for above-grade applications over OSB after primer has been applied); TW-105 Flashing (for above-grade applications over OSB in detail areas); and TWM-1 Mastic (for finishing the edge of seams, overlaps, patches and terminations of properly sealed TAMKO® waterproofing membranes).

“I’ve used TAMKO’s waterproofing products for multiple balcony/breezeway jobs and they save me a lot time and effort,” said Paul Fostock, Operations Manager for Specialty Solutions Inc. (a nationwide specialty contractor based in Orlando, Florida). “It’s such an easy installation because the waterproofing membranes are made with quick release film and they unroll so well. You just lay down the product roll, give it a kick, and it unrolls itself. The products perform well too; they get the job done right.”

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