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Specialty Products, Inc. (SPI) Launches a New Video Series ‘How Do I With SPI’

SPI’s ‘How Do I With SPI’ series consists of unique ‘How To’ videos related to the foam and coatings industries.  The new video series will be released via You Tube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets, and on SPI’s website at

The ‘How Do I With SPI’ videos address various issues or challenges applicators and contractors alike are experiencing, resolving many ‘how-to’ questions.  Experienced SPI Technicians will take viewers through equipment troubleshooting, switching their equipment from one product to another, inspire them with new technologies that can offer diversity to their current business, all while answering some of the most-asked questions across all categories.  

Educating applicators and contractors about varying aspects of the foam and coatings industry is at the heart of what SPI does.  Informed applicators and contractors create the conditions necessary for responsible, successful projects.  SPI has always been committed to helping contractors increase their knowledge and application ability through Advanced Applicator Training Courses, and now they’re advancing this commitment through the ‘How Do I With SPI’ video series.