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IFTI Announce a Massive reduction of DC315 Application Rate Required to Meet Alternative Thermal Barrier Requirements

In one massive test program we have reduced the cost of using DC315 for code compliance on 30 major blends of SPF. That’s more tests passed at the new spread rate than our closest competitor has passed EVER! DC315 has always been the most tested product and with this new industry leading spread rate DC315 is now the MOST COST EFFECTIVE solution available today! IFTI is not done, we have only just begun. We expect to issue updated spread rates on dozens of more tests over the next month and will keep you advised as we proceed. 

It’s obvious, of course, with IFTI’s new yield the cost of DC315 has been reduced 25% to 44%!! This means contractors can spend significantly less on the front side and be more profitable on the backside. The less obvious but equally important points: 

Reduced freight - less coating will be needed so less coating needs to be shipped 
Reduced labor - applying one coat of 14 Mils WFT to achieve compliance with no sag, bag or dripping is simple, quick and reduces not only product cost but labor cost as well. 
Reduced inventory investment - DC315 is one product tested to meet IBC/IRC code compliance for BOTH IGNITION AND THERMAL BARRIERS, WITH OVER 100 TESTED AND APPROVED SPF BLENDS FROM EVERY MAJOR MANUFACTURER 
· DC315’s Compliance to code is listed on virtually every SPF manufacturers evaluation report and DC315 possess its own IAPMO, INTERTEK and ICC-ES evaluation report listing over 100 fully tested and compliant assemblies- no guess work or debate about which systems are tested as they are all clearly listed on these evaluation reports! 

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