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New Coating Line for Oil, Gas, Chemical Environments

Norway-based paints and coatings provider Jotun has released its Thermosafe line of coatings, which enables customers to operate at a wide range of higher temperatures with enhanced safety, efficiency, and reduced maintenance.

The product line comprises five products — Jotatemp 250, Jotatemp 540 Zinc, Jotatemp 1000 Ceramic, Jotachar 1709, and Jotatherm TB550 — created to suit specific extreme environments at varying temperatures and conditions.

Shift to Higher Temperatures

“We work hand-in-hand with our global customer base in order to gain an intimate understanding of their operations,” said Miles Buckhurst, global concept director. “That insight tells us that the shift to higher temperatures, to help optimize processing and productivity, requires a new generation of coating.”

According to the company, the Thermosafe line comes in direct response to that need.

“The unbeatable protection these products deliver will allow customers to reduce material and maintenance costs, enhance safety standards, increase efficiency, and boost earnings by decreasing the amount of maintenance needed and by bringing facilities back online faster after shutdowns,” Buckhurst said. “We also understand that this is not a one-size-fits-all industry, so we have utilized our established expertise to tailor solutions specifically for individual customer requirements.”

Protects against Numerous Threats

The products provide properties including anticorrosion protection, barrier and galvanic protection, heat-resistant corrosion protection, mesh-free epoxy passive fire protection, and thermal insulation for cryogenic spills.

The line also safeguards against a comprehensive spectrum of threats such as thermal exposure, corrosion, fires, and heat.

“We have used a significant amount of resources to develop unique solutions catering for the needs of this fast-growing segment,” Buckhurst said. “The onshore oil, gas and chemical industries are some of the most demanding in the world, and they deserve coatings that can help them fulfill their potential.”

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