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DeWalt Launches Jobsite WiFi Access Points System

DeWalt recently launched its Jobsite WiFi Access Points, built to withstand tough conditions at construction jobsites while providing wireless coverage through a user’s existing internet service provider (ISP). 

“Reliable internet access is a necessity on residential and commercial construction sites large and small,” the company said in a news release.

Features of the System

With a wide range of operating temperatures from -4 °F to 122 °F (-20 °C to 50 °C), the access points are IP67-rated to protect against dust and water submersion. In addition, a mobile app provides detailed steps to guide users through the setup process without requiring a technician. 

With both vertical and horizontal mounting options, the access points can be installed to a user’s optimal orientation on a carabiner, anchor, tripod, or wall mount (not included).

As the jobsite changes, the access points self-heal and adapt, retaining connectivity on site and keeping users connected to their data. 

Increased Efficiency

The jobsite access points provide increased productivity and profitability by providing access to three-dimensional (3-D) models, construction software, change orders, punch lists, collaboration tools, and photo documentation. 

Each access point on the DeWalt system operates off of 120-V power and provides WPA2 encryption via SSL interfaces for security. 

For more information, contact: DeWalt, (800) 433-9258,