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Huntsman Showcased Broad Portfolio at ChinaCoat 2017

Huntsman (NYSE: HUN), a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals, attended ChinaCoat 2017 held in Shanghai from November 15 to November 17. Coatings experts from two of Huntsman’s four business divisions: Advanced Materials, and Performance Products attended the exhibition, showcasing the company’s comprehensive collection of chemistries combining Huntsman’s advanced R&D resources and technology.

This year, Huntsman impressed visitors with a diversity of products that deliver superior performance in terms of both functionality and sustainability. Huntsman Advanced Materials division showcased ARA® Cool - low- temperature curing agents, as well as ARALDITE® and ARADUR® - waterborne epoxy coating systems. Other chemistries under spotlight included Huntsman Performance Products division’s world extensive range of polyetheramines - JEFFAMINE® series polyetheramines.

With water-based and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions coatings increasingly becoming industry-wide trends, the market witnesses rising competition through a growing number of eco-friendly products. As one of the well-acknowledged industry leaders, Huntsman not only offers solutions with high productivity, but also strikes the better balance of high performance and reduced environmental impact.

At the event, Huntsman coatings experts hosted two in-depth technical presentations to provide insights on Huntsman high performance chemistries for the market. The first presentation, took place on the morning of November 16 where Yueping Dai from Huntsman Advanced Materials division, introduced the features of ARA® Cool to the visitors. Yueping talked about the product’s breakthrough in improving curing speed between 0°C and 10°C. “This new range of products solves three key challenges that the coatings industry is facing: faster curing at low temperature, reduced VOC emission, and compliance with the post-2018 EU REACH regulations,” said Yueping.

ARA® Cool speeds up the curing process – saving time and cost - without compromising on performance. Each of the three curing agents under this series has a specific benefit that satisfies the diversified needs of end-users. ARA® Cool 1047 W 80 is surface tolerant; ARA® Cool 1034 XW 90 enables very long pot-life; while ARA® Cool 3077 is a multi-purpose low-temperature curing hardener with zero-VOC.

In the afternoon of November 16, Dr Jiang Wanchao from Huntsman Performance Products division presented the detailed features and benefits of Huntsman’s JEFFAMINE® polyetheramine applications for epoxy emulsification. Speaking to visitors at the tradeshow, Dr Jiang highlighted the world-leading innovation and process technologies that help coating formulators optimize the manufacture and performance of water-based

coatings. The JEFFAMINE® portfolio has a broad range of molecular weights, amine functionality, repeating unit type and distribution, and enabling formulators to design a multitude of new compounds or mixtures.

Two products in the JEFFAMINE® portfolio that were highlighted included JEFFAMINE® M series, which introduces hydrophilicity to epoxy backbone together with a reactive amine group. It provides a new, simpler emulsified method with excellent emulsion stability in different storage conditions that meets VOC compliance. The other product, JEFFAMINE® RFD-270, is a novel amine that offers a unique formulating option for coatings and adhesives. When used for epoxy resin curing, it has faster mechanical properties development than other PEA curatives.

ChinaCoat, organized since 1996, is highly regarded by the industry as a premier, global event. Huntsman leverages this platform to exchange knowledge and insights with industry professionals from all over the world. In addition to announcing its latest and most advanced offerings, Huntsman had in-depth discussion with professional audiences at this year’s ChinaCoat event.

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