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EASYCOVE Announces Tri-Chem as Their Newest Eastern Distributor.

Easycove announced today that it has partnered with Tri-Chem as its most recent Eastern distributor for Easycove® brand coving products. The agreement includes distribution of 1”, 4”, and 6” coving products as well as our high-performance adhesive. Under this agreement, Tri-Chem will provide coving products to the markets they serve throughout the US. 

Tri-Chem is a Michigan-based company with 40+ years’ experience offering specialty coatings and maintenance products to the flooring industry. The company also offers Green Seal-certified cleaning products, as well as a full line of tooling, mats, safety equipment, DIY training, and HVAC filters. Tri-Chem has the ability to offer invoicing through their WBE partnership. The knowledgeable, caring staff has the dedication and expertise critical to deliver the right solution to every challenge their customers encounter, providing the highest level of customer service and products.

“Tri-Chem’s unique way of doing business provides a valuable and innovative way for selling Easycove®. They have a very hands-on approach and expect 100% satisfaction for their customers, every time, all the time. With their wealth of experience and expertise, they help their customers focus on quality end results,” said Heather O’Brien, President of Easycove®. “We are privileged to be working with Tri-Chem and thrilled they wanted to be a part of our team. Their custom solutions to every flooring situation bring us confidence that together, our above-average attitude will meet the demands for faster, more consistent coving installations as required by experts in the resinous flooring industry.”  

Ira Berkowitz, Vice President of Sales at Tri-Chem states, “We are proud to align Tri-Chem with an organization that has earned a reputation for setting industry standards for quality, integrity, and easy installation. Tri-Chem’s success is measured by the quality, durability, and value we provide our customers. Including EasyCove® coving in our product lineup allows us to provide customers a high-quality, highly versatile, and user-friendly coving that saves them time and increases profitability. This product will enhance our extensive line of coatings that we have been manufacturing for nearly 50 years.”

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