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KTA Releases Final Edition of 3-Part eBook Series for the Pipeline Coatings Industry

KTA-Tator, Inc. has released the 3rd free eBook in its popular series for the Pipeline Coatings Industry, written by KTA Chief Operations Officer, William D. Corbett. It is now available on their technical blog, KTA University.

Part 3, “Verifying the Quality of Coating Installation – Post Application” spans 39 pages and provides information on the proper use of test instruments for verifying the quality of the application of protective coatings after the installation process is complete. It is applicable to new pipe in the shop, field splices (girth weld areas), existing pipe in the field, and painted steel in general.

This volume of the eBook series covers low and high voltage holiday detection, tensile (pull-off) adhesion testing, and hardness testing, and includes over 30 full color images.

The first two parts of the eBook series, also written by Corbett, have generated thousands of downloads from industry professionals. Regarding the series, Corbett says, “The pipeline industry is growing at an exponential pace, and corrosion control is paramount. Yet companies entrenched in this industry may not have in-house coatings expertise. The eBook series was written and disseminated in a readily accessible, easy-to-read/navigate format. Its launch was designed specifically to help companies fully comprehend the importance of quality (both what and how) during each phase of the protective coating process.”  

To download the Free eBook, please visit:

If you missed Part 1 or 2 and would like to download them, they are included on the website above.