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Reformulated Fluid-Applied Membrane for Commercial Substrates

DuPont Protection Solutions unveiled its DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ System, the next generation of fluid-applied air/water barriers in the portfolio of DuPont’s building envelope products.

The system helps prevent air and water leakage at the vertical walls of the building envelope, allowing for more sustainable structures through enhanced energy efficiency and protection from mold and mildew.

System Approach

The system combines superior air and water barrier and industry-leading vapor permeability into a reformulated fluid-applied membrane for ease of use on most commercial substrates.

“Our system approach allows installers to have a fluid-applied membrane, a fluid-applied flashing and joint compound, along with sealants that are all compatible and install seamlessly together in the field,” said Tim Wilson, commercial marketing manager for DuPont North America.

The system’s technology enables low membrane shrinkage, high elongation, and elastic recovery.

Application Details

Applied by typical spraying equipment, the product is installed in a one-coat lift of 25 mils (635 microns), thus saving valuable installation time. In addition, it can provide more than two times as much coverage per gallon when compared with other products, depending on the wall substrate.

“This innovation is exciting for our customers who need longer open times in the field as well as a product that is much easier to spray on the wall,” Wilson said.

According to the company, the product can withstand nine months of ultraviolet (UV) exposure, which helps enable flexibility in construction schedules. It can be installed in temperatures as low as 25 °F (-3.9 °C), and since it is moisture cured, it can even be installed when precipitation is in the forecast.

The system has a shelf life of 12 months from the time of manufacture, and it can easily be cleaned with mineral spirits and common citrus-based cleaners.

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