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Innovative Panelization Technology to Revolutionize Homebuilding

As the demand for new residential construction continues, more builders are turning to panelization – the prefabrication of structural building components in a factory instead of the job site. Panelization offers several benefits, including:

Addresses the shortage of skilled construction workers
Produces consistent, high-quality components in a controlled environment
Reduces cycle time, waste and labor costs

PUReWall™ panels are constructed at a panelization facility using conventional wood frames and polyurethane-based insulation that is both continuous and between framing. The rigid polyiso board continuous insulation reduces thermal bridging and has an integrated weather resistive barrier that eliminates the need for plastic house wrap. The rigid polyiso board, when combined with a structural closed cell spray polyurethane foam, provides a similar unit shear capacity to continuously sheathed wood structural panels.

PUReWall™ panels also provide the following advantages:

Increased R-value and decreased air infiltration, contributing to a higher Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index score
Passes ASTM E331 with an integrated weather-resistant barrier featuring polyiso board with coated glass facer and taped joints
Scalable to provide thermal performance in the wall assembly as part of an overall building envelope approach for a Net-Zero capable structure
Adaptable to meet all Climate Zone U values in IRC 2015
Adaptable to meet California’s Title 24 energy efficiency code requirements
Has minimal potential for condensation in the wall assembly in both hot/humid and cold climates versus conventional wall assemblies

“The PUReWall™ system offers numerous benefits for panelizers, builders and homeowners,” says Jim Lambach, manager of Building and Construction, Industrial Marketing, Polyurethanes, Covestro LLC. “By licensing our PUReWall™ technology, panelizers are able to integrate higher levels of functionality and quality in a wall assembly that simplifies on-site construction for builders with less waste, time and cost. The end product meets or exceeds International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 2015 requirements, providing a better wall assembly for homeowners.”

PUReWall™ panels are available in a range of configurations to meet thermal requirements, with demonstration panels for each located at the Covestro booth:

PUReWall™ 60: U-0.060 (R-17) for Climate Zones 1-5 in IRC 2015 [2x4 construction with framing 24” on center (o.c.), 1” polyiso continuous insulation, 1.5” spray polyurethane foam insulation]
PUReWall™ 45: U-0.045 (R-22) for Climate Zones 6-8 in IRC 2015  [2x4 construction with framing 24” o.c., 2” polyiso, 1.5” spray polyurethane foam insulation]
PUReWall™ 30: U-0.030 (R-33) for beyond code wall assemblies for aspirational building designs, such as Net-Zero ready [2x6 construction with framing 24” o.c., 2” polyiso, 2.0” spray polyurethane foam insulation  and fiberglass batt, reaching up to U-0.030 (R-34)]

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