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Dow Announces Non-Flammable Foam Adhesive for Trucks and Trailers

Dow Building Solutions (DBS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), today introduced MONSTERGRIP™ Truck Liner Adhesive. Developed to bond fiberglass liner panels to prepared spray foam insulation in the interior of refrigerated trailers and trucks, MONSTERGRIP™ provides an alternative to more hazardous materials on the market that are more labor intensive to use. Trailer manufactures and repair shops can enjoy the benefits of a single-component polyurethane spray adhesive, with improved cure speed and time savings for install. While delivering ease-of-use for the customer, Dow has also developed this product to be non-flammable and thus safer to use than toxic and highly flammable alternatives. 

“MONSTERGRIP™ solves many needs that our customers have with current technologies used,” states Ryan Gerulski, Dow market manager.  “This product reduces install, labor and cure times while providing a safer and simpler solution for this application. We used these customer requirements and worked with our scientists to develop a product to better solve these unmet needs.”

MONSTERGRIP™ is a high strength adhesive that cures quickly, even in hot and high humidity conditions, allowing customers to return to service after an overnight cure. This innovative adhesive creates a strong, factory OEM bond on smooth and uneven surfaces and has an open time that allows for placement and movement of the liner for a significant period which is important as liners are set into place. Customers can opt for the reusable gun assembly and high throughput system, or avoid equipment clean out by utilizing the disposable tank and gun system. 

MONSTERGRIP™ is available in self-contained, portable kits with a convenient carrying handle and 9’ dispensing gun set or a two-cylinder tank-only spraying option with a 15’ dispensing gun set and nozzles sold separately.  

For more information on Dow’s MONSTERGRIP™ Truck Liner Adhesive, visit or contact us at 1-866-583-2583.