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Cetec Develops New Pneumatic Mixer

Cetec, a Brazilian company specializing in the production of machines for industrial painting, has developed a new pneumatic mixer model. 

Ideal for homogenizing paints and textures, the machine stands out of its versatility. According to the company, it can be used in three different ways: fixed on the bench, leaning against the aluminum base, or handled directly by the painter. 

Easier Handling, Transportation

“Also thanks to these characteristics, users are able to prepare materials packed in 20-L packages,” said Camila Spann, a marketing representative at Cetec. “The lightness of the aluminum base facilitates handling and transportation.”

The mixer also prevents the paint from being contaminated with inadequate materials during homogenization, according to the company. 

“It is relatively common to see in construction works the use of wood sticks for mixing paint,” Spann said. “This leads to the contamination of the paint and, in applications via airless machines, it could cause damage to equipment.”

Features of the Mixer

Cetec’s novelty includes a hole for fixing on the base, a frame with height adjustment, and tilting engine support, which facilitates its use. 

To prevent accidents, the rotational adjustment also features a special safety lock.

For more information, contact: Cetec, (55) 11-5512-6576,