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Presenting Soyathane – When Green Coatings are Job One

Soybeans, straight from the Midwestern American plains, are the raw material for Soyathane, our glossy, 40% BioPreferred® soy/urea resin. This is your near-zero (less than .01 g/l VOC solution, good for any location, in compliance with environmental regulation for applications where non-petroleum distillate solutions are a must. In addition to being durable for your inside coating needs, Soyathane exceeds OSHA air-quality standards for your applicators when best practices are used.

Our USDA approved coating is available in any color, and has a gloss of 90 on a 60-degree Micro Gloss meter. Soyathane contains NO hazardous ingredients, no heavy metals, and is made with a new technology anti-corrosive pigment used in the European Union instead of zinc. Our coating has been field- tested for 24 months in the rail, marine, OEM, architectural and piping industries. We can tell you of our successes when you call.

Ferrous metals sealed with Soyathane have stood up to 600 hours in a humidity chamber with no rust. It can be applied over steel, aluminum, galvanized metal or other paint with excellent results. Soyathane dries fast, and though it normally is made glossy, it can also be manufactured for a flat finish to meet your specs.

Interested? Give us a call and tell us what substrate you’d like to coat with Soyathane. We ship all quantities of a gallon or more from our manufacturing plant in east central Missouri – we’re proud to use American sourced materials, American workers and good old American ingenuity to meet agricultural, industrial and commercial transportation needs for environmentally – friendly coatings at a competitive price.  Please visit for a complete product data sheet, a downloadable PDF about our company and our complete product list, or give us a call at our plant to place an order or have one of our coatings technicians answer your questions.

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