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Flowcrete Americas Launches New BIM Content Library to Support Industry's Digital Transition

Available online at or from the ARCAT BIM Library at in RVT format for Autodesk Redit, the company’s new BIM Content allows Flowcrete Americas’ flooring systems to be easily incorporated into a 3D building model and its associated component database.


BIM Objects or Systems represent a shared resource of knowledge about a facility that can be used to make decisions about the building throughout its lifecycle, from the initial drawing, to design and construction, through daily operations and eventual demolition.

The use of BIM, which is expected to rise to 84% adoption this year in the U.S. according to a report by McGraw-Hill, has been widely applauded by industry professionals for helping to better manage project schedules, control costs and minimize project errors.

The new Flowcrete Americas’ BIM Content Library covers the company’s complete portfolio of specialist flooring solutions including its line of antimicrobial treated cementitious urethanes, chemical resistant epoxy coating systems, fast cure methyl methacrylate finishes and corrosion protection products.

In addition to this, the company’s range of parking deck coatings - designed for use on internal and external decks of multi story parking structures – is also covered.

Each BIM System offers layers of integral data to support the specification including the system’s technical properties, color availability, green building properties and installation procedures.

In addition, each Flowcrete Americas’ BIM System includes embedded product information to provide an audit trail for the flooring materials throughout the life of the building, including cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Flowcrete Americas’ Managing Director, Dave McNeece said of the new development, “I’m extremely pleased to be announcing the launch of Flowcrete Americas’ new BIM Content Library.”

“Over the last decade, BIM has begun to revolutionize the construction industry, helping to provide more consistent, more accurate project documentation and a more transparent project delivery process.”

“As a building materials manufacturer, Flowcrete Americas remains committed to providing well-structured digital information for each of our specialist flooring systems as well as all new future flooring innovations to come.”

Flowcrete Americas is a USGBC member that manufacturers a number of flooring materials designed to meet LEED credit criteria in both the Environmental Quality and Material and Resources categories.

Flowcrete Americas is also part of the AIA CES Providers Network, offering a number of registered Lunch & Learn seminars designed to provide floor specification advice in a wide range of different design and construction scenarios.

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