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MMA Flooring: The Speedy Solution for Plant Maintenance & Shutdown Projects

Choosing poor quality or low-cost flooring materials can result in costly failures down the line including disintegration, acid corrosion, thermal shock cracking, discoloration, a slippery, unsafe surface or even contamination risks.

Similarly, a floor that takes too long to install could delay the building’s maintenance program - leading to a domino effect of problems including increased downtime and loss of revenue.

Fast cure flooring solutions, such as Flowcrete Americas’ Flowfast Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) range, provide industrial manufacturing and processing clients with a hard wearing, durable floor that has a significantly accelerated speed of cure – eliminating any need to compromise on quality in renovation scenarios.

Flowfast floor solutions contain a catalyst designed to deliver a fully trafficable and operational surface just 60 minutes from application. Flowfast can be installed on old or new concrete as well as asphalt, resin, tiles, metal, wood and marine ply. This versatility saves hours in surface preparation – particularly in maintenance shutdown scenarios - as Flowfast can be applied directly to the existing floor finish.

Flowfast provides a seamless, impermeable surface that is easily cleaned and one where bacteria cannot accumulate in hard to clean gaps, joints or grout lines in the floor – a must in food and beverage processing plants and pharmaceutical facilities.

Flowfast offers protection from a wide range of chemicals, aggressive solvents and foodstuffs including most organic and mineral acids, alkalis, salt solutions, natural oils and fats, disinfectants, cleansers and caustic soda. Flowfast also offers exceptional stain resistance properties and is unlikely to discolor, which is very useful in supermarkets, bars and restaurants where spillages are commonplace.

The safety profile of a Flowfast floor can be enhanced with anti-slip aggregates. This is ideal in wet service environments where slippery, damp conditions can pose slip risks, leading to serious injury, significant cost to employers, delays in production or in extreme cases impairment of the company’s brand reputation. 

Flowfast not only reduces costs at the start of the process, but can also offer significant long-term financial benefits.

Refreshing a dated Flowfast floor can be easily undertaken with a new MMA coating simply layered on top of the old. The new layer chemically fuses to the previous floor creating a monolithic system that will not delaminate. This means that floors can be upgraded for a fraction of the cost, time and disruption that it would take to replace an entire floor.

Flowfast provides a wealth of design and pattern opportunities. The material retains color vibrancy well and where required can be color matched to neighboring surfaces or interiors. The material is also suitable for use in conjunction with an operational management program that uses color zoning, navigational signage and safety instructions on the plant’s floor.

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