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Cortec Introduces S-10 FA: You Won’t “Boil” Over With VpCI Corrosion Protection!

One of the main causes of reduced reliability in boiler systems is corrosion. This phenomenon is described as the active destruction of sound boiler metal by the unforgiving action of dissolved oxygen in the boiler water. It usually results in deep holes, scabs, or blisters that allow the chemical reaction to continue.

Even though large metal surfaces can be quite sound, an oxygen pitting site can develop deep corrosion and cause ultimate boiler failure. Untreated feed water containing oxygen is going to continue to be highly corrosive to steam boilers so it is essential to keep adequate chemical reserves of an effective oxygen scavenger to avoid costly boiler metal corrosion and down time. It is estimated that problems due to boiler system corrosion cost the industry billions of dollars per year.

The latest innovation from Cortec® Laboratories, Inc, enables us to offer a new inhibitor addition to our boiler treatment products.

S-10FA is a filming amine formula for corrosion control in boiler condensate systems. The molecules of S-10FA anchor their hydrophilic heads to wetted metal surfaces while their hydrophobic tails will shield metal surfaces from contact with acidic corrosive condensates and prevent corrosion products, dirt, and other impurities in condensate return system from attachment to the metal. A thin protective field is formed on the metal when S-10FA is volatilized in the steam stream.  

S10-FA is thermo-stable and compatible with a majority of boiler treatment chemicals. S-10FA should be added separately from other boiler treatment chemicals and preferably be injected into the steam header.

S-10FA is very economical. A typical dose is 10 ppm to boiler feed water. The dosage may need to be adjusted depending on pH and oxygen content in condensate. The injection quantity should be based on both the internal surface area and volume of the system.

Cortec’s S-10 FA is available in 5-gallon (19 liter) plastic pails, 55-gallon (208 liter) metal drums, liquid totes, and bulk. The shelf life for S-10FA is 2 years in closed original container.  

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