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Europe's Biggest VCI/VpCI Plant Just Got Bigger

EcoCortec®, the most advanced manufacturer of films and bags in Europe is very proud to announce expansion of the plant due to increased client demands. We have recently released into our operating process a new line of extrusion with higher capacity, therefore the plant's production capacity went up by 50 percent.

For EcoCortec® team, expansion of production and new equipment procurement is essential and never over, resulting in plant's continuous growth and stronger market presence. EcoCortec® has began the second phase of the plant's planned construction and expansion including- a new production hall with three new extrusion lines, branding of VpCI paper® and storage of Cortec® chemical products.

EcoCortec® specializes in manufacturing Cortec® Corporation’s innovative Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) films that have become a gold standard throughout the world in the corrosion protection business. The plant's products are exported to all European countries as well as Asia. 

  EcoCortec® offers customers complete converting, extruding, and printing capabilities. We manufacture films and bags according to customer specifications in terms of product size and performance, and are very flexible when it comes to order sizes and meeting special customer requests. Our products are tested in Cortec's ISO/IEC-17025 accredited laboratory.

EcoCortec® will also warehouse Bionetix biological products. Bionetix International, a Canadian company in the ownership of Cortec®Corporation is in the business of manufacturing microbial based bio-products.

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