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Paper Mill Makeover: Epoxy Coatings for Clarifier

When the pulping process at a paper company that manufactures 345,000 metric tons of newsprint paper yearly for the United States and Europe encounters problems, an immediate solution must be found.

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The Chronicles of Sarnia: Wastewater and Coatings

The city of Sarnia, known for its petrochemical industry, is home to some 70,000 citizens in Ontario. With one wastewater treatment plant for this Canadian metropolis, it’s no wonder that the concrete on the secondary clarifiers at the Water Pollution Control Centre was pitted and deteriorating. The city decided to coat one of the four secondary tanks as a trial to see if the results were favorable.

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SPLAT! Expressing Creativity With Coatings

When a popular crafts material manufacturer decided to completely renovate its visitor center, one of the goals was to create a fun and innovative lobby and entranceway that would reflect the imaginative spirit of the attractions and interactive exhibits housed inside.

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Coatings Contribute to 1000+ Year Lifespan

How do you construct a concrete temple, walkway, and fountain to last 1000+ years and withstand a 10.0 earthquake outside of Los Angeles? Build to “the extreme,” as Innovative Painting & Waterproofing President Don Dancey described it.

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Marine Home Makeover

Imagine living in a home where the very walls you depend on are harming your skin, your health, and, therefore, your very existence.